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Students in Support of Free Speech (SSFS)


SSFS was formed in 2016 to address a growing concern surrounding free expression on university campuses in Ontario, as well as the adverse effects on discourse that some forms of political extremism have been having in our community.

We seek to promote the freedom of speech and provide a civil group environment where a diverse range of ideas can be discussed without fear of being censored. SSFS continues to be a vocal advocate of every person's right to free speech. We take great pride in our role in fostering healthy discourse on campus.

Listed below are our main goals for the club:

Goal 1

Promoting the cause of freedom of speech amongst students of the University of Toronto and the wider community of the city of Toronto by providing an on-campus presence for students to facilitate discussion, community, and advocacy.

Goal 2

a. Personal freedom of expression, conscience, and belief,
b. Academic freedom in teaching, learning, inquiry, and discussion, and:
c. Political freedom in expressing beliefs, opinions, and viewpoints.

Goal 3

Supporting a non-partisan platform that does not endorse any political party.





Debate Night: M-103

  • Place: Sandford Fleming Building, RM 2202
  • Time: 06:00 PM

The first debate night co-hosted by the UTSA is here! The main topic to be debated will be M-103.

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Motion 103 and Islamophobia

  • Place: Health Sciences Building, RM 102
  • Time: 03:30 PM

Join Tim Moen and Azeezah Kanji as they debate the concerns and questions surrounding M-103.

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The Canadian Freedom Summit

  • Place: Chestnut Conference Centre
  • Time: 07:15 PM

The Canadian Freedom Summit is an event centred around the theme of free speech, to combat the effects of censorship in our community today.

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Join Us!

A part of what we do as a campus-run organization is to promote inclusivity and hold welcoming events where we foster peaceful discussion. We are always welcoming new members, and would love to see you at one of our events.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through Facebook, or shoot us an email.

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The Team

Mari Jang


Riley Moher

Vice President

Chad Hallman

Public Relations Officer

Calix Zhang

Communications Officer

Martin Shoosterman

Financial Officer

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SSFS's political stance?

The Executives of SSFS have a variety of political views, and are not limited to any one particular stance on the political spectrum. We have liberals, centrists, and conservatives, and cannot say we are 'X' or 'Y'.


How can I help SSFS promote free speech?

You can do so by sharing posts on our Facebook page, attending our events, or by donating.


How can I become a member?

You must be a student of the University of Toronto (St. George or Mississauga campus) in order to become a member. Please complete this form, and send $8 as membership fee to You may still attend SSFS events even if you are not a U of T student.


How do I start an SSFS chapter?

If you'd like to start an SSFS chapter at your school, please complete this application, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.


I'd like to interview SSFS.

Please send all media requests via email, or through our Facebook page.


Do you condone violence?

Absolutely not. We disavow and condemn all acts of violence, especially in response to peaceful expression.


Are you Nazis or Alt-Right?


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